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BuybackBoss.com is a great place to get cash for your broken iPhone! Not only because we offer high prices, but also because other people rave about us. These are NOT fake but real People.

I have to admit, I was skeptical at first but I decided to give it a try. Buyback Boss offered me the most for my phone out of anyone else so I sent off my phone using the prepaid label and crossed my fingers. I sent my phone out on Friday 10/4. It showed it was delivered TODAY 10/7 and what do you know, I just got confirmation that the funds were put into my PayPal account. Fantastic service!!! Dani

Los Angeles, CA

I love a business that delivers what they say they will. Sold iphone 4 got twice what gazelle offered. Will recommend to all my friends. D.S.

Bountiful, Ut

Buyback boss the truth sold my iPhone 4 back to them and I received the exact amount I was quoted for $115 for a broken iPhone 4 front and back I would recommend these guys to anyone their legit!!at&t offered me $40 that’s it store credit and cell again offered me $30 bucks, but I’m glad I chose buyback boss got $115 just sitting in my PayPal account!! malcolm

Ontario , CA

Great buy back service. I just wish the tracking information would be updated properly. Other than that it was a great way to earn more money. Ashley Gowdy

Fitzgerald, Georgia

Best place to sale your iphone. They are true to their word and stayed in contact with me throughout the whole process. Billy

Rosharon, TX

Where do I start.. I love these guys! I’ve sold 4 phones and received a check within a few days. The prices they offer are by far the highest. Thanks BBB Faris

Dallas, TX

I sold 2 iphones already. For both phones, Buyback Boss offered best price than anyone else. Very quick process too! Highly recommended! Viv

Emerald Hills, CA

Got exactly the quoted amount of $165 for my iphone 4. I sent it in with the label I printed out and it was recieved within 3 days and payment was on my account by the end of that 3rd day as well. FANTASTIC! I plan to sell a couple of other phone as well. Kris

Oklahoma City, OK

short story, sent my phone to gazelle & they wouldn’t accept it cause I changed the back came across this site & I was optimistic but let me tell you, these people pay exactly what they quote to you….loving this $182 check in my name right now ……gazelle who? Nastassia

Rosedale , NY

FANTASTIC service!! This is probably one of the first reviews I have ever participated in, but the CUSTOMER SERVICE this business offers is EXCEPTIONAL and lost in today’s world, it seems. I contacted them with concerns on the packaging they sent for me to return my phone and they responded immediately and was very re-assuring that it would arrive to them safely. BUT, they did not stop there; they wanted feedback as to my experience and what I thought would give me the confidence I needed to return my phone via the mail. Anyways, I could go on and on about the wonderful service they provided. I was skeptical of an internet business but I was proven wrong and I would DEFINITELY recommend this business to all my friends and family!! Sharon

Tipp City, OH

There was a great turnaround time. I got exactly what was quoted. Will definitely be using this service again. F. S

Pleasantville, NY

Yes! They are great! I got the package to send my device to them within 3 days after getting my quote. It only took 2 days for them to get it and my payment is on its way! Much better than the other site that bought my iPhones. I would sell my broken iPhone 5 to BuybackBoss.com any other time! Alexander

Henderson, NV

Great Service and fast turn around. I was initially skeptical because of the high offer amount, but the money showed up in my Paypal account within 4 days of mailing the phones. Thanks BuyBackBoss! Byron

Raleigh, NC

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